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Billboard R&B top artist Jhene Aiko is Souled Out in Sage & Stone Jewels

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jhené Aiko is an anomaly in the music industry. Refusing to fit into the mold of a traditional Hollywood popstar, Jhené writes her own songs and has found her strength in the beauty of nature and a deep, spiritual understanding of herself. It is no wonder that this rising star has recently been spotted wearing several Sage & Stone pieces that resonate with her soulful energy and strength.

At the launch party of her debut album, “Souled Out”, Jhené shimmered in Sage & Stone’s Gold Pearl Body Chain, Swarovski Crystal Lariat, Seven Stone Body Chain and Gold Disk Hand Chain. 

From New York to Los Angeles, Jhené Aiko has been dazzling festival-goers at events across the nation. Her voice is undeniably spellbinding and has been described as soulful, heavenly, and “the female answer” to Frank Ocean (Jim Farber, New York Daily News). Above, Jhené is pictured performing at the One Festival in Atlanta wearing Sage & Stone’s Seven Stone Body Chain and Swarovski Soul Hand Chain. 

The songstress mesmerized the crowd as she kicked off Weeknd’s tour in September, 2014, wearing layers of gold bodychains and necklaces. Sage & Stone’s Gold Rutilated Spear Necklace, worn by Jhene above, is bestowed with power that can help influence the movement of energy and provide strength and illumination. Indeed, Jhené found herself regarded as the highlight of the entire show. (Left Photo by Gretchen Robinette)

Jhené showed off her playful side during a live performance on Jimmy Kimmel in September, 2014, and contrasted that a week later with a seated, sultry series of ballads on NBC’s TODAY show. During Jimmy Kimmel, Jhené’s cat ears were complimented by the Sage & Stone Square Crystal Hand Chain she wore as she crooned into the microphone (left). Delicate and demure, Sage & Stone’s Seven Stone Body Chain and Swarovski Soul Hand Chain suited the strong and reflective mood of Jhené’s NBC appearance (right). 

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